Product Series

  • Lithium Battery x-ray

    Lithium Battery x-ray

    三分时时彩预测计划It is used for testing aluminum shell power laminated battery, flexible package battery, cylinder battery and lithium battery in battery industry. The internal defects and effectiveness analysis of the battery were detected, and the positive and negative electrodes and internal structure of the battery were detected.

  • Die Casting x-ray

    Die Casting x-ray

    It is applied to the automatic detection of aluminum alloy die casting and turbine hub industry, and the internal flaw detection of metal devices, casting parts and precision devices, etc

  • SMT,EMS X-ray

    SMT,EMS X-ray

    It is applied to detect the welding defects of PCB board, SMT assembly, IC package, BGA, CSP, semiconductor and other electronic components (bridge, open circuit, virtual welding, cold welding, cavity, bubble), and the joint conditions of system LSI and other ultra-fine parts (wire break, continuous welding).

  • X-ray Component Counting Machine

    X-ray Component Counting Machine

    三分时时彩预测计划Automatic scan counting, one machine instead of 10 people, improve efficiency, save cost, calculation accuracy up to 99.9% integrated Barcode, MES, automatic marking machine and other functions.

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Shenzhen Ailan Te Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of ELT, USA. Headquartered in Nevada, USA, it is a high-tech company specializing in R&D, production and sales of X-RAY, optical instruments and other testing instruments. Its own products are micron and nanometer. Stage X-ray tube...


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2019年5月11日,上海市压铸技术协会第十二届理事会第二次会议在苏州知音温德姆酒店召开。 会议主要主要进行了以下议程。通过投票选举协会法定代表人……



X-ray,即X射线。X射线是一种波长极短,能量很大的电磁波,X射线的波长比可见光的波长更短(约在0.001~100纳米,医学上应用的X射线波长约在0.001~0.1纳米之间),它的光子能量比可见光的光子能量大几万至几十万倍。 X射线因其波长短,能量大,照在物质上时,仅一部分被物质所吸收,大部分经由原子间隙而透过,……

  • Application of X-ray nondestructive flaw detector in foundry industry


    Application of X-ray nondestructive flaw detector in foundry industry At present, many domestic aluminum alloys, hardware parts, automobile wheels, etc. ……

  • How to judge BGA with X-Ray?


    三分时时彩预测计划How to judge BGA by X-Ray? Ailant SMT Test Series: Standard BGA: 1, image 1, 2 at the joint tin, the reason analysis: there is a proble……

April 9-11, Alantech will meet you at CITE 7th China Electronic Information Expo


Shenzhen Ailante Technology Co., Ltd. Our company will participate in the 7th China Electronic Information Expo in CITE2019, and the 9F011 booth in Shenzhen Con……

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